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Incorporating Birds into Tools for Measuring Ecosystem Services: A case study from Central California

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Oct 22, 2013 2:00 pm US/Eastern

Length: 01:10   (hh:mm)


  • Kelli McCune, Senior Project Manager, Sustainable Conservation, San Francisco, CA
  • Nat Seavy, Research Director, Point Reyes Conservation Science, Petaluma, CA


  • Conservation Planner - 1.5 hour Conservation Planning Credit
  • Society of American Foresters - 1.5 hour Category 1 Credit
  • The Wildlife Society - 1.5 hour TWS Category 1 Credit

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Learn about a general framework for quantifying ecosystem services and providing payments to landowners for outcomes of restoration and specifically understand these concepts as they apply to quantifying riparian bird habitat.

Landowners and the agricultural community are facing increased pressure to demonstrate measurable gains in environmental quality, while at the same time working to replace income from cuts in conservation funding. Payment for ecosystem service programs can help conservation groups and agencies target scarce conservation investments and achieve more strategic outcomes from restoration projects on working lands. The presenters will provide an overview of the concept and discuss a current Conservation Innovation Grant-supported pilot in California to develop mutually beneficial partnerships that reward watershed restoration and achieves tangible benefits to investors. They also will discuss assessment tools developed for California riparian areas that quantify bird habitat quality as a measure of environmental benefit from restoration.

This webinar is sponsored by the USDA NRCS National Wildlife Team located at the Central National Technology Support Center. Contact William L. Hohman, Ph.D., Wildlife Biologist, for more information about our webinars.

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