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Exploring the Environmental and Economic Opportunities and Challenges of Cover Crops

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May 7, 2013 2:00 pm US/Eastern

Length: 01:36   (hh:mm)


  • Ryan Stockwell, Ph.D., Agriculture Program Manager, National Wildlife Federation
  • Sam Wortman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Urban and Peri-Urban Food Production, Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL


  • American Forage and Grassland Council - 1.5 hour CFGP Credit
  • Conservation Planner - 1.5 hour Conservation Planning Credit

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This webinar will enable participants to make informed decisions about cover crop adoption.

Cover crops are non-commodity crops that are either inter-seeded into living cash crops or planted onto bare fields during fallow periods to improve soil quality and nutrients available to plants. Additionally, cover crops may be grazed by ruminant animals in the early spring before row crops are planted or provide emergency forage. Cover crops are increasingly utilized by farmers and promoted by agronomists for the multiple benefits they contribute to soil and crop management systems. Yet, only a small percentage of cropland is planted to cover crops. Lack of easily applicable information is a common barrier to practice adoption. This webinar will provide an overview of cover crops, from their benefits and challenges, to examples of how they can be incorporated into common crop rotations. Included in this webinar will be an economic cost-benefit analysis of cover crops, particularly for the Midwest and Great Plains.

This webinar is sponsored by the USDA NRCS Central National Technology Support Center. Contact Bill Kuenstler, Conservation Agronomist, for more information about the benefits of cover crops. Contact William L. Hohman, Ph.D., Wildlife Biologist, National Wildlife Team, for more information about our webinars.

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