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Planned Conservation Webinars

Join the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service for Science and Technology conservation webinars. Check back for updates to our webinar schedule.

NRCS raindrop logo imageAn assortment of conservation topics will be presented by USDA, university, and other technical specialists in the coming months. When applicable, conservation webinars provide professional certification credits for American Forage and Grassland Council, Certified Crop Advisors, Conservation Planning, Society of American Foresters, Society for Range Management, and The Wildlife Society.

Webinar announcements are released approximately 30 days in advance and provide more information and instructions to join the presentation.

While we make every effort to present according to our published schedule, our schedule is subject to change.

Webinar titles are linked when more information is available. Contact us for assistance.

2014 Planned Conservation Webinars Sponsor
Jan 16 An Experimental Case Study for Soil Health Soil Health
Jan 22 Feed Management for Beef Feedlots to Reduce Air Emissions Air Quality
Jan 28 Agricultural Working Lands and Wildlife: Grassland Bird Conservation in Northeastern Haylands and Pasturelands Wildlife
Jan 29 Addressing Resource Concerns: Evaluating, Documenting, and Reporting Progress using NRCS' New Land Use Planning Criteria ENTSC
Feb 04 Insights from an Organic Certifier Organic
Feb 11 The Biology of Soil Compaction Soil Health
Feb 12 Feed Management for Dairy Operations to Reduce Air Emissions Air Quality
Feb 13 Core NRCS Conservation Practices for Enhancing Soil Health Soil Health
Feb 19 Environmental Evaluation Series No. 7: Planning for Natural Areas, Scenic Beauty, and Wild and Scenic Rivers Special Environmental Concerns Environmental
Feb 26 Overview and Recent Updates of Engineering Field Tools ENTSC
Mar 11 Soil Health and Production Benefits of Mob Grazing Soil Health
Mar 20 Key NRCS Practices: Farmstead Energy, Lighting, and Building Envelope Energy
Mar 26 Wetland Restoration Hydrology and Design Overview ENTSC
Mar 28 Cover Crops: Why grow a crop you don't sell? ENTSC
Mar 31 Endangered Species Act Compliance for the Sage-grouse Initiative WNTSC
Apr 08 Managing for Soil Health on Dryland – A Farmer's Perspective Soil Health
Apr 22 The National Agricultural Library: Electronic Services and Resources for NRCS Employees Wildlife
Apr 30 Preparing a Seeding Plan for Conservation Practices ENTSC
May 08 Agricultural Working Lands and Wildlife: Biological Responses to Conservation Efforts on Working Farms in the Calapooia Watershed, Oregon Wildlife
May 13 Using RUSLE2 to Evaluate Soil Health Planning Principles Soil Health
May 14* On-Farm Food Safety and Conservation Organic
May 21 Development of an Acid Scrubber for Removal of Ammonia from Mechanically Ventilated Broiler Houses Air Quality
May 22 Lighting Systems: Analysis, Performance, and Energy Conservation Opportunities Energy
May 28 Effectiveness of Herbaceous Weed Control Methods/Techniques on Forest Invasives ENTSC
Jun 05* Commonly Used Organic Inputs Organic
Jun 10 Managing for Soil Health in the Piedmont Area of the Southeast – A Farmer’s Perspective Soil Health
Jun 25 Forage Mixes and Cover Crops for Grazing Management ENTSC
Jul 08 Managing for Soil Health when Raising Potatoes – A Farmer’s Perspective Soil Health
Jul 24 Energy Analysis: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How? Energy
Jul 30 Planning Considerations for Confined and Other Animal Feeding Operations ENTSC
Aug 05 Ecologically Sound Mosquito Management in Wetlands: Recommendations for Effective Practices that Control Mosquitoes, Reduce Pesticide Use, and Protect Wetlands Wildlife
Aug 05 Weed Management in Organic Pasture Organic
Aug 12 Managing for Soil Health on an Organic Farm – A Farmer’s Perspective Soil Health
Aug 27 Solar-powered Water Systems for Grazing Operations ENTSC
Sep 18 Energy Upgrades: Steps to Implement Energy Conservation Opportunities Energy
Sep 24 Basic Pump and Pipeline Design ENTSC
Oct 07 Organic Farming and Soil Health Organic
Oct 29 Planning and Design of Stream Crossings
Nov 19
Fencing for Livestock and Improved Pasture Management ENTSC
Nov 20 Poultry Operations: Broiler and Layer Energy Conservation Opportunities Energy
Dec 02 Nutrient Budgeting: Organic Considerations for Implementing 590 Organic

*New Date

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